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Colocation Services from State-of-the-Art Colocation Facilities | CLLA

At CLLA, we pride ourselves on offering the best colocation services for our clients.  With data centers all around the U.S. and globally, our network of providers can find a state-of-the-art data faciity, even one connected to the famous One Wilshire building, to host your server that is close to you. 

Data center colocation is renting space inside of a data center to store your server and any other equipment used to access the data, software and applications contained inside the server.  Think of it like an apartment–you rent the space, and you bring all of your stuff to live inside of it.  You bring your server and it is placed inside the data center, and the facility provides all the power, bandwidth, and security that is necessary to keep your server running and your data available.  We host all types of servers--from the standard servers operating Linux and various Linux-based operating systems, Windows servers, all the way to hosting Mac Mini servers for the Apple users.colocation services in data center

Colocation services provided by CLLA

CLLA offers a wealth of customizable colocation hosting services tailored specifically to your needs.  Our clients can bring their own server, or can purchase one from us with colocation options for all types of businesses–anything from a single server (1U or 1 rack unit) or 2U servers all the way up to a full-rack cabinet (42U) or even cages to house all of your equipment.  Our state-of-the-art facilities house some of the top ISPs in the world, giving our customers access to a strong network with bandwidth that is fit to keep all of our servers running at peak performance and ensuring 100% uptime for our clients and their data.  The security measures in our facilities are top-notch, with 24-7 surveillance and multiple systems used to detect any cyberattacks as well as a disaster recovery system and power redundancies to make sure your data is safe in any event. 

CLLA develops personal and professional relationships that provide our clients with the technical solutions they need to help their business grow.  Our colocation services are top-of-the-line, complying with SSAE16 standards for operation, and our network of providers have data centers wherever you are that will tailor your colocation experience to your business’ needs.

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